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How to know the condition of health by observing the stool

So, today we're talking about stools now, I kind of like the four legged bar stool myself, I find it's very stable it's. it's easy to sit on and what. we're not talking about that kind of stool. and now for a different kind of stool twelve things your poop says about your health well as gross as it may sound the color and shape of your stool can reveal a lot about your health any changes you might notice can be a sign of a serious disease. don't ignore them watch this article till the end to take another step toward good health poop color as you probably know the normal color of stool is brown. 

How to know the condition of health by observing the stool

it may vary slightly from time to time depending on what you eat but a sudden color change for no obvious reason can be a warning sign so let's find out what's, what whitish grayish or clay colored stool indicates a lack of bile. bile is what makes normal poop brown lighter poop may hint at problems with the liver and gallbladder as these are organs where bile is produced and stored.  it can be anything from blocked bile ducts and
gall stones to cirrhosis gall stones can give you some serious abdominal pain or show no signs of their existence making it trickier to diagnose as for cirrhosis it gives your liver irreversible damage so early detection of it could be life-saving white mucus on brown stool may be a sign of Crohn's disease which is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease

number two green 
are you a fan of spinach kale and broccoli or maybe your diet contains avocados cucumbers zucchini Kiwis and other green foods then you probably don't have a reason to worry about green poop a green color may be caused by the consumption of vegetables rich in chlorophyll which makes them green or green food coloring and drinks and iron supplements if food is not the reason it means your stool passed the digestive tract too quickly and didn't have time to get enough bile in bilirubin are you
guys still with me on this trek through the poop great 

number three yellow 
have you noticed that your stool looks yellowish is covered in greasy film and even leaves drops of oil in the toilet bowl yellow stool can be a sign of blocked bile ducts and poor fat absorption when your digestive system fails to break down food the way it should too much fat goes out with your stool another reason is a lack of enzymes produced by the pancreas which may hint at chronic ancreatitis cystic fibrosis and celiac disease people who have celiac disease can eat gluten, so bread and pasta along with other foods rich in gluten give their intestines ahard time but don't panic yellow poop can also be a sign that you ate too many carrots and had a lot of yellow colored drinks yes they could make your poop look golden number four black 

number four black 
stool may appear because of medicine intake like aspirin ibuprofen and iron supplements or bleeding in the intestines the latter is obviously a reason to contact your doctor immediately a more common cause again why is in the food you eat black and blue foods like blueberries licorice dark chocolate cookies and grape juice can give this shade to your feces iron supplements and nicotine could also be the cause of that poop change in color if black and blue foods as well as iron supplements are not part of your diet then you should probably alarm 

number five red
red stool is usually influenced by your diet beets jell-o colored drinks Tomatoes just think about what you've consumed recently two bowls of tomato soup well you shouldn't be surprised however if food is not the cost it's time to call your doctor blood in your poop is obviously an alarming sign and maybe an anal fistula or something more serious like hemorrhoids ulcerative colitis or even cancer that's the word no one likes to hear before you get really scared note that bowel cancer normally has other symptoms as well such as losing weight feeling extremely tired and breathless and needing to strain as if you wanted to go number two even after you've just done it shape if you still don't believe that watching your stool is normal some scientific research may convince you to distinguish the types of poop and help people stay healthy scientists from the Bristol Royal Infirmary created the Bristol stool chart Wow say that five times real fast it describes seven types of faeces and what they mean 

number one if you see separate solid lumps reminiscent of nuts or goat feces in your toilet ball it is likely a sign of severe constipation this type of stool means your body lacks fiber to fix it try to consume more fiber rich products like fresh fruit and vegetables grains nuts seeds whole wheat pasta beans and lentils YUM according to the American Dietetic Association Americans get about zero point five ounces of fiber a day which is much less than we actually need the optimum amount is one ounce a day for women under fifty one and one point three ounces a day formen of the same agealso if you experience constipation don't forget about the natural laxatives prunes those dried plums have enough sorbitol in them for a good desired effect

number two sausage-shaped large and lumpy poop speaks of constipation this type of stool is also caused by a lack of fiber non dietary reasons for constipation may include long term anti diarrhea medicine intake and lack of physical activity the advice is to eat more fruits and vegetables and perform exercises it will help you avoid constipation because your body will need less time to move food all the way through the large intestine aerobic exercise like running jogging or swimming also makes your heartbeat and breathing faster which means better natural contraction of muscles involved in the digestion process don't exercise right after a big meal though wait for an hour to avoid bloating and excess gas stretching certain yoga positions and even simply walking at least 15 minutes
a day can help healthy digestion 

number three if cracked sausage shaped poop is what you usually have there are no reasons to worry that's a normal stool you're doing just fine don't forget to walk and drink more water since constipation is related to dehydration in the colon you need to make sure you're drinking lots of water
when your body is properly hydrated less water will be withdrawn from the colon this will keep your stool soft and easy to pass just what we all need 

number four if you stand with those whose feces are soft sausage shape and smooth congratulations your stool is as perfect as a stool can be try to maintain a balanced diet and avoid stressful situations to keep things as great as they are we all know that feeling when you can't let yourself go in a bathroom break during an important meeting exam or family event suppressing your urge to use the toilet is bad for you since if you keep it tight once and twice and thrice custo patient may become
permanent not to give yourself that constipation try to avoid stress and keep healthy

number five soft lumps with clear edges are a sign of light diarrhea it could also mean that you are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome the short name for it is IBS it is a chronic condition which needs long-term treatment people with IBS can normally control it thanks to a healthy diet and lifestyle to make it better try eating low fiber foods like bananas crackers and potatoes if you want to find out about the food combinations you should avoid because they are really bad for your health

number 6 if your poop comes in fluffy pieces with ragged edges it looks like you're having mild diarrhea remember how we told you to have more fiber well in this case it is just the opposite maybe there's too much fiber in your diet drink more to avoid dehydration and stick to boiled potatoes and bananas you may want to try some OTC like imodium or pepto-bismol they will help to slow down the movement in your intestines and shape more solid stools if the problem lasts for more than two
days consult a doctor 

number 7 liquid without solid pieces type of feces is what no one likes to say it speaks of severe diarrhea this may be a sign of food poisoning lactose intolerance bacterial infection or medicine in take antibiotics heartburn and acid reflux medications and chemotherapy drugs are often the cause of it drink plenty of water to fight dehydration and try over-the-counter medications severe diarrhea normally doesn't last long if the symptoms don't disappear in two days or if you feel pain and fever consult a doctor so do you take problems with your stools seriously do you consult doctors when needed feel free to share in the comment section below if you found this article How to know the condition of health by observing the stool useful to you

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