Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How to know the condition of health by observing the stool

So, today we're talking about stools now, I kind of like the four legged bar stool myself, I find it's very stable it's. it's easy to sit on and what. we're not talking about that kind of stool. and now for a different kind of stool twelve things your poop says about your health well as gross as it may sound the color and shape of your stool can reveal a lot about your health any changes you might notice can be a sign of a serious disease. don't ignore them watch this article till the end to take another step toward good health poop color as you probably know the normal color of stool is brown. 

How to know the condition of health by observing the stool

it may vary slightly from time to time depending on what you eat but a sudden color change for no obvious reason can be a warning sign so let's find out what's, what whitish grayish or clay colored stool indicates a lack of bile. bile is what makes normal poop brown lighter poop may hint at problems with the liver and gallbladder as these are organs where bile is produced and stored.  it can be anything from blocked bile ducts and

what happens to your body if you drinking turmeric everyday

I'm going to be needing my cup with, what hard this is actually not a one room on automata is a normal room temperature water and I'm going to be needing my turmeric and some of my spoon now turmeric has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and is it very strong until after the second main contents of turmeric is not high it's around three percent by weight so turmeric is very effective now I'm going to be taking one teaspoon of light for married folder and that's okay and then I'm green switch I'm going to be pouring it into my top of water and then I'm going to be giving it a nice day 

okay, so let's go talking and let me tell you what happens to your body when you can view this beautiful drink now this is my turmeric what's harder I just finished showing you can either paste with a cold water or you can prepare it with a warm water

if you drinking turmeric everyday

Number one thing though I want your body. when you consume tumeric and powder is that it's gonna prevent cancer well this is turmeric what is going to prevent cancer I am going to consume it like  right now okay if actually not be pass is not sweet. he's just a spice you know drinking a spice just like that that was how it tastes like it's okay it is going to prevent all the other stuff in my body I am goes shaking yeah so number Sophie now happening to your body is that good I believe a try face okay so you have a try since no more so you be selling your turmeric ooh and what happened kid very much for helping me cure attractive because too many people spend so much money in curing arthritis in the obstacle Liam and then end up having another element or another thickness.

So how did your just simple little thing sharing that sauce is good for the mastery is an immunity boost I like it because it is beautiful it both your immunity okay so you do not be so quick in in cavity where you not be so quick in allergic you know be stop freaking having called Kappa you not be so freaking you know having malaria if you're in this other side of Africa you know you know be so quick in having you know others literally cooking food diseases and helmet so it's going to boost your immune immune system and that's what the turmeric water is going to do for you honestly

I'm going to take it again well because I want my immune system to be boosted so I'm going to be speculate number five that it's got a controlled diabetes in our business is all sweet and is naturally pizza so it's good of balance you're diabetic on level it's nominal and not see diabetics diabetes people are not supposed to fuck you know so don't kiss me Oh if you're diabetic okay so that's one thing actually new right on time and number five is like kill one is going to hear your bones like fast fast fast when you use the second this if you're injured you won't use is going to heal quickly it's not
like and you're diabetic

okay, you want one of you quickly so if you are used to taking from Eric come see you know you want with the healing like really conscious must for help and I know Maastricht pain is that reduce cholesterol level like it's going to reduce the cholesterol level beneath value no going to be prone to fast and then you're going to be on the you know on a slim speed kind of you know while speaking this and you're exercising it and then you're dieting you're taking good food you're taking water you would see that you have in normal way you are not going to be overweight and then you're going to be washing down on your stomach now let me tell you I have Charlie I've made so many and so much reduction see and then a balance is forgetting to tell you guys that we're taking some up with dogs on speed and ever not to eat after six o'clock okay..

if I wanted five pm make sure to pick your dinner and after 5 p.m. any other thing you're going to eat it go it should be water yeah so that those things doesn't would work for you okay so not really bad overall if so much food and then you're going to go prepare it and drink it and combats my comment session and tell me is not working is working for me okay so anyway that is no but haven't seen that this T is going to do is that contrary away just like an LS said you know he's going to control your weight because it is actually a weight controlling see okay so stated and then everyday you see that you not get fat there's no way you're going to be picking the see every morning take is a very little amount of it in photos of or one more class there's no way you're going to get my exercise prevent

okay, so it actually prevents all manner of diseases there's so many names which are a card actually can't pronounce it honestly but it actually prevents from diseases from you know carry into your body because if we boost your immune system so therefore diseases would be like a block it would be a block for diseases 

For that I'm going to drink it or not I want to see and if I drink it I tend to make my face so funny because is that I am not sleep like is not sweet at all so if okay is okay beauty things like that it's okay some particles I am a mouse so that's where I go Tiffany's how can i reason is that it prevents liver disease. 

okay, so if you're having liver problems you have gotten  solution those little simple very cheap you know um foam Eric it's gonna just prevent liver disease like seriously. it salsa honestly. it dosa so both and prevent your liver disease that if you fall into these categories of people that have liver disease not nonetheless if you don't know by how we live a disease just  pick it because we want to lose weight and therefore is going to do you all other thing for you like you're going to just it's down there I need to between the work for you..if you drinking turmeric everyday

Drink Turmeric Water lower blood pressure

Your body the spice is all swell and fat, so it's better to add olive butter or coconut oil to your daily dose 5 helps. you fight stress tumeric treats a variety of diseases including depression. we all know that depression is a common mental disorder whose main symptoms are constant bad mood anxiety fatigue and insomnia a recent study showed that cursive and fights depression the same way patented medications do and it's also much safer for patients in case you have mild depression try to start drinking turmeric water or special turmeric lemonade every day

Drink Turmeric Water lower blood pressure

For the lemonade you'll need four cups of cold water two tablespoons of greatest tumeric four tablespoons ofhoney half of lemon juice mix all the ingredients in a small jug stir well and enjoy your happy drinks or brings your blood pressure's normal according to studies from the Institute of Delhi drinking turmeric water lowers blood pressure which